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Abandoned Homes In Nh

Abandoned Homes In Nh

Do you own a home that’s currently unoccupied? You could turn an abandoned home into cash when you contact 603 Properties. We buy abandoned homes in NH that are draining resources for our clients. Whether you’ve inherited a home and have not had time to work on it or you’ve moved to another location and are not sure what to do with your property, there’s a simple solution that will put money in your pocket and relieve you of the burden of owning a home that no one is living in. Call our office at 603-493-0329 to learn more about our cash-for-homes program.

3 Tips For Selling Your Abandoned Home

1. Most unoccupied homes are in need of repairs; in fact, a typical home will need tens of thousands of dollars in renovations to bring the building and property up to code. Homes that are abandoned for any length of time tend to need considerable maintenance and repairs. Homeowners have two options when it comes to selling abandoned homes in NH:

  • Invest in the repairs in hopes that the selling price will cover the costs
  • Sell to a cash homebuyer like 603 Properties

If you’re able to take out a loan or have enough money in savings to make the necessary repairs, fixing up the home may be your best option. For many NH homeowners, the better option is to sell the home ‘as-is’ and walk away from the transaction with cash.

2. Don’t leave an abandoned home sitting for very long; the likelihood that your home will be vandalized or looted increases with each passing month that your home and property sit unattended. If you decide to sell through a realtor, the sign in your yard will not deter vandals; in fact, it won’t take long before the community realizes your home is not being lived in.

Selling your home to a cash buyer eliminates all risk of property damage with you as the owner. You may find that cutting ties with the home will give you a tremendous sense of freedom, especially if the place has been empty for some time.

3. Many communities have laws that require an abandoned house owner to keep up with yard work, maintenance, etc. Failure to mow, edge, prune, and manage these duties can result in hefty fines that can be used as a lein against your property. If you’re facing a similar situation, reach out to 603 Properties today to request a cash offer; we buy abandoned homes in NH and resolve big issues for our clients.

Our 4-step process couldn’t be any easier; contact our office, let us know a little bit about your place, consider our cash offer, and accept the offer if it makes sense to sell to us. You’ll find additional resources and information on our website, including cash-for-homes FAQs and easy instructions on how to sell your house to our company. If you decide to sell through a traditional home sale, we can help with that as well as we are experienced real estate agents.