Buying a Home

As a homeowner myself, I know that buying a home can be the biggest investment most of us make in our lifetime. That’s why I care so much about my clients!

When you get a pre-approval from me, it’s so much more than just a rate hold. I take the time to underwrite your application before sending it to a lender so it has the maximum potential for approval.

When you work with me, I get you APPROVED not PRE-APPROVED!

I only work with lenders who will issue an underwritten mortgage commitment so you know how much you can afford and the deals don’t fall through at the very end.  When you work with me, you’ll avoid any last minute surprises.

Many people don’t realize that a “Bank Pre-Approval” is just a rate hold; it’s not really a “Pre-Approval”. One Bank even advertises that you can be qualified in 60 seconds.  This is a scary thought because they are really implying that you are only worth 60 seconds of their time!

When purchasing you might want to consider imbedding any costs for improvements right up front into your mortgage, so you can build your dream home right from the start.

When you deal with ME, you really can TRUST in my support and knowledge.

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