Who is in charge: You or Your Debt?

Are credit card bills piling up? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Or afraid to answer the phone, in case collectors are calling? Then you should call to me Today!

Lenders want to know how credit worthy you are! That’s just a reality.

The first thing lenders look at is both your credit score and credit reports, as they want to evaluate how credit worthy you are before they lend you money.

Building a strong credit score and history is actually very simple. I routinely offer credit counselling to clients and witness their credit scores improve quickly. These clients are then able to move from more expensive alternative financing to “A Lenders” with a better mortgage rate.

Your credit score/report is your passport to buying a home and securing mortgage financing. However, we all know that scores and numbers can at times just be that…numbers. They do not tell the story of a separation, death, poor health, or the loss of a job. I work with lenders who understand these circumstances and are willing to give Canadians a new start. They understand that everyone deserves a second chance.

For me personally, there is no better feeling than helping my clients improve their credit, take charge of their debts and feel good about their financial future. Trust Me to Help You!

I am committed to helping my clients rebuild their credit where required. Whether you have great or poor credit, I can help create a plan for you.

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