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Diamond Buyer Orlando

Diamond Buyer Orlando

For the best diamond buyer in Orlando, you can turn to Orlando Jewelry Buyers. Selling diamonds is an elite type of business that requires special knowledge and extreme finesse. Obtaining a fair price for diamond sales can feel as possible as finding a needle in a haystack.

Scam artists and greedy con men eagerly await their chance to take advantage of people desiring a quick diamond sale. Conducting business with a reputable diamond and jewelry buyer can ensure you snag the best price on your sale. Plus, you don’t have to worry about shady backdoor deals with individuals of questionable morals.

Orlando Jewelry Buyers offers a complete list of the various gems, jewels, and pieces the company buys. Interested parties can simply review the list to save themselves the time of scheduling an appointment. Most diamond sales are of the highest interest at this one of a kind company.

Seven Day Availability

One of the biggest perks of doing business with us is that we are available seven days a week. In addition to buying diamonds, our experts also accept watches, gold items, and jewelry pieces. All items are inspected before a price is presented to the seller. The inspection process can be very informative regarding the worth of such items. Our locally owned company also dabbles in rare coins and estate sales.

Through our years of service, we have earned a reputation as being one of the most prestigious diamond and jewelry buyers in Central Florida. Private appointments can be arranged without any extra fees to discuss the details of your diamond sale. Our team will answer any queries you have and propose a negotiation. A number of factors are considered when our team offers a price to a customer. Our mission is to be fair and reasonable to all parties involved.

Carat, Color, Clarity

The carat size of a diamond majorly determines how much the diamond is worth. The larger the carat size, the more the diamond will be worth. However, there are other factors that also need consideration before the total worth is determined. The color of a diamond can also determine its worth. White diamonds are the most common, but they are also the most beautiful, in some cases.

Colored diamonds are rare, but their worth depends on multiple factors, as well. Compared to white diamonds, colored diamonds are worth more in monetary terms. The clarity of a diamond determines its worth, which is the absence or presence of flaws. Diamonds with dark spots or inclusions are worth less than flawless diamonds, as they are rarer.

Diamond Cut Variations Determine Value

The value of a diamond can also be determined by its cut. The cut of a diamond refers to the shape of the piece. In addition to the shape, the cut also refers to the proportions and overall reflective properties of the diamond. All of these factors are combined together to determine the final value of a diamond. At Orlando Jewelry Buyers, we factor in all variables before offering a price to a customer.

Diamond Buyer Orlando

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