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Edmonton Mortgages

Edmonton Mortgages


A mortgage broker works on the homebuyer’s behalf to get enough funds to purchase a home. While there are several mortgage brokers in Edmonton, working with Mortgage Design Group Inc. can help you through the loan application process.

Benefits Of Using Our Mortgage Brokers

Working with Mortgage Design Group Inc. is a great way to get some of the best terms and rates in the real estate industry without passing through any stress. Some of the benefits of working with our Edmonton mortgage brokers include the following:

Access To More Loan Programs

One of the biggest advantages of working with our Edmonton mortgage broker is the multiple lenders and the number of home loan programs we have. While working with a bank or a credit union loan officer is restricted in what services they can provide, that is not the case with a mortgage broker. Our mortgage broker will give you access to various mortgage lenders offering different loan programs. If securing a loan doesn’t work out with one lender, our broker can transfer you to a new lender that’s ready to help you with no work on your end.

Works To Find The Terms And Rate

Our Edmonton mortgage brokers are “go-getters” who love the challenges of finding the best loan program, rate, and terms for their clients. Our client satisfaction is vital to us, so our mortgage brokers will work with your offer and suggest ways to obtain the best possible loan terms and rates to meet your financial goals.

Better Educated And Experienced

Our mortgage brokers are experienced working in Edmonton and will educate you on the current market, different lenders, and loan products. Competition is good for lenders, and when you work with our mortgage brokers, different lenders compete to offer you a loan.

More Flexibility

Banks have almost no flexibility when you compare them to the flexibility offered by a mortgage broker. Here at Mortgage Design Group Inc., our mortgage brokers have the ability to meet your financial needs, whether it’s bad credit, multi-unit rentals to a primary residence, or 5% down to 20%+ down. In addition, our mortgage brokers can move you to a new lender without missing the deal.

Faster Closings

Our mortgage broker can close the loan process fast because they know how to make it happen. While it takes most banks or credit unions 45 – 60 days to close a loan application, our mortgage brokers can close within a few days, even when loan volume is high.

Mortgage Design Group Inc. Help Homebuyers In Edmonton

Here at Mortgage Design Group Inc., we work with different lenders to help our clients find the most suitable type of mortgage. So, if you’re searching the market for a home loan in Edmonton, feel free to call us at 403-942-4099. Our team can even help you get pre-approval for your mortgage, which gives you an advantage in the Edmonton real estate market.

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Edmonton Mortgages

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Edmonton Mortgages

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