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Mediation Family Law Coral Springs

Mediation Family Law Coral Springs

Scott J. Brooks is a skilled and experienced attorney specializing in mediation family law in Coral Springs. Our attorney can help you settle conflicts outside of court privately and informally and save a ton of money in the process.

Benefits of legal mediation services

Two parties involved in litigation meet with a trained mediator to discuss and negotiate marital issues. The expert mediator facilitates dialogue and helps with the negotiation process, as the mediator is neutral and will not represent anyone. Here are some of the benefits of legal mediation services:

  1. Informal – It is an informal procedure with no formal rules or witnesses. It is a more flexible approach.
  2. Confidential – The matters discussed during mediation remain confidential, and the mediators destroy any notes they take during these sessions.
  3. Quick and cheap – You may arrive at a solution much earlier than moving things through the court.

Not to mention, the parties involved in a mediation enjoy greater control over the outcome as they get to negotiate their settlements. We are one of the top-rated mediation divorce attorneys in Coral Springs.

What happens in Florida divorce mediation?

With several ways to end a marriage, over 90% of couples in Florida settle a divorce outside of court. Some courts also require married couples to go through mediation to settle the divorce in court. Be sure to hire a skilled Coral Springs mediation lawyer if you plan on resolving your divorce through mediation.

The mediator will go back and forth between the two parties in marriage, seeking to facilitate the negotiation until both spouses reach a consensus. A mediation allows complete control to both the spouses over the decision-making process in a divorce agreement.

How long does divorce mediation take in Florida?

Typically, a divorce in Florida takes anywhere from 3 – 24 months to complete, depending upon whether you contest it or not. An uncontested divorce can take up to 4 months to settle, while a contested divorce can take 12 months or more.

Sometimes, the judge, the county where you contest, etc., can also affect the time it takes for your divorce to settle. Hiring our marital attorneys can help you reach a resolution in the shortest duration and save you from the stress involved.

Does Florida require mediation before divorce?

After reviewing your divorce case, your judge will ask you and your spouse to go through mediation first. You will have approximately two weeks to find an attorney specializing in mediation family law in South Florida and have the session.

Remember that the mediator you choose must hold a certification from the Florida Supreme Court to conduct mediation. Mediation is mandatory in Florida, and hiring one of the best divorce lawyers can help you understand the legal formalities, save time and money, and help you receive a quick resolution.

Book a consultation with our attorney by getting in touch with us at 954-757-5551. Scott J. Brooks is a renowned attorney specializing in mediation family law in Coral Springs with an admirable track record and exceptional analytical skills.

Mediation Family Law Coral Springs

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