My Process

As an Oriana Qualified Mortgage Agent, my goal is to offer you A Great Mortgage – Made Simple.

To accomplish this goal, I follow a simple process when working with my clients.

1) Getting to Know You, My Client

Before I begin working on my clients’ mortgage financing, I need to know more about them.  For example, what are your purchase plans, savings and credit history?  What life changing events have you experienced?

When I approach a lender on your behalf, I need to tell your story and demonstrate to the lender that I know my client.  If there are missed payments in your history, I will ask you: “What happened?”, without judgement. A missed payment such as an R2 is just a number, but telling me what happened helps me to build your personalized story and provide reasons for things like missed payments. Lenders understand that people face challenges such as a job loss, death in a family, separation/divorce – all of which present financial challenges.

All information that you provide to me is kept strictly confidential.  And remember, only with your consent will I run your credit report and approach a lender on your behalf.  Running your credit report is part of the process of getting to know you.

Once I know you, I can then go shopping for the mortgage that best meets your needs.

2) Engaging My Partners to Help You

I am constantly in contact with many lenders and partners in the mortgage industry.  Before I submit a mortgage application, I will contact a lender to discuss the suitability of a potential deal.

I might contact an appraisal company, or a realtor, to get an initial assessment about the market value of a property.

By engaging my “Partners”, I am better able to match my clients with the appropriate lender.

3) Reviewing My Mortgage Solutions with You

Before you select one of the mortgage solutions I bring to you, I will review the options with you in detail. For example, if we are doing a debt consolidation, I will show you your monthly cash flow savings by going with the recommended mortgage solution.

4) Communicating to You Through-out the Process

Personally and professionally, I don’t like being kept in the dark, so I treat my clients how I would like to be treated: how I would treat my family and friends. You can rely on me to be honest, clear, professional and understanding!

5) Acting in the Best Interests of My Client

Throughout the process, I always have my client’s best interests in mind. I am working for you (the borrower) and NOT the lender.  What this means is that I do not place my interests before my clients’ interests.  In the end, I want my clients to know that I have heard their wishes and concerns and provided a mortgage solution that meets their needs.  And most importantly, throughout the process, I am there for my clients…even up to when they get their keys to their new home.

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