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My Mortgage Process

As an Oriana Qualified Mortgage Agent, my goal is to offer you A Great Mortgage – Made Simple.

To accomplish this goal, I follow a simple process when working with my clients.

1) Getting To Know You, My Client

Before I begin working on my clients’ mortgage financing, I need to know more about them.  For example, what are your purchase plans, savings and credit history?  What life changing events have you experienced?

When I approach a lender on your behalf, I need to tell your story and demonstrate to the lender that I know my client.  If there are missed payments in your history, I will ask you: “What happened?”, without judgement. A missed payment such as an R2 is just a number, but telling me what happened helps me to build your personalized story and provide reasons for things like missed payments. Lenders understand that people face challenges such as a job loss, death in a family, separation/divorce – all of which present financial challenges.

All information that you provide to me is kept strictly confidential.  And remember, only with your consent will I run your credit report and approach a lender on your behalf.  Running your credit report is part of the process of getting to know you.

Once I know you, I can then go shopping for the mortgage that best meets your needs.

2) Engaging My Partners To Help You

I am constantly in contact with many lenders and partners in the mortgage industry.  Before I submit a mortgage application, I will contact a lender to discuss the suitability of a potential deal.

I might contact an appraisal company, or a realtor, to get an initial assessment about the market value of a property.

By engaging my “Partners”, I am better able to match my clients with the appropriate lender.  

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3) Reviewing Your Credit

Who is in charge: You or Your Debt?

Are credit card bills piling up? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Or afraid to answer the phone, in case collectors are calling? Then you should call me Today!

Lenders want to know how creditworthy you are! That’s just a reality.

The first thing lenders look at is both your credit score and credit reports, as they want to evaluate how creditworthy you are before they lend you money.

Building a strong credit score and history is actually very simple. I routinely offer credit counseling to clients and witness their credit scores improve quickly. These clients are then able to move from more expensive alternative financing to “A Lenders” with a better mortgage rate.

Your credit score/report is your passport to buying a home and securing mortgage financing. However, we all know that scores and numbers can at times just be that…numbers. They do not tell the story of a separation, death, poor health, or the loss of a job. I work with lenders who understand these circumstances and are willing to give Canadians a new start. They understand that everyone deserves a second chance.

For me personally, there is no better feeling than helping my clients improve their credit, take charge of their debts and feel good about their financial future. Trust Me to Help You! 

I am committed to helping my clients rebuild their credit where required. Whether you have great or poor credit, I can help create a plan for you.

4) Reviewing My Mortgage Solutions With You

Before you select one of the mortgage solutions I bring to you, I will review the options with you in detail. For example, if we are doing a debt consolidation, I will show you your monthly cash flow savings by going with the recommended mortgage solution.

5) Reviewing Rates With You

The new mortgage rules in 2016 and 2017 have made quoting mortgages rates more difficult.

Quite often I am asked, “What are the current mortgage rates”? With the current mortgage market today, after the introduction of the new mortgage rules, this is not an easy question to answer anymore.

There are many things to consider when it comes to mortgage rates:

  1. Are you enquiring on a fixed or variable mortgage?
  2. Is this a purchase, renewal or a refinance?
  3. If you are purchasing, how much is your down payment? Is it more or less than 20%?
  4. What is your credit score?  With an excellent credit score, you will receive a rate discount.
  5. When is the closing date?  Quick closings can have a rate discount.
  6. Is this a rental property or owner-occupied property?
  7. What is the value of your current property in comparison to the amount of mortgage you may be requesting?
  8. What amortization are you looking for 25 or 30 years?  Most often there is a rate premium for the 30-year amortization.
  9. What is your mortgage term?  A rate for a 2-year fixed mortgage is different than a 5-year fixed mortgage.

Once I know your answers to these questions, I can then give you some mortgage rate information.


6) Communicating With You Through-Out The Process

Personally and professionally, I don’t like being kept in the dark, so I treat my clients how I would like to be treated: how I would treat my family and friends.

You can rely on me to be honest, clear, professional and understanding!

7) Acting In The Best Interests of My Client

Throughout the process, I always have my client’s best interests in mind. I am working for you (the borrower) and NOT the lender.  What this means is that I do not place my interests before my clients’ interests.  In the end, I want my clients to know that I have heard their wishes and concerns and provided a mortgage solution that meets their needs.  And most importantly, throughout the process, I am there for my clients…even up to when they get their keys to their new home.

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