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Renewing Your Mortgage

Around 70% of property owners automatically sign back their mortgage renewals – without even checking to see if there’s a better rate somewhere else.

By coming to talk with me, these individuals can potentially save themselves thousands of dollars over the term of their mortgage.

When your mortgage comes up for renewal, your bank will most often offer you the rate that you can tolerate. I will offer you the BEST RATE that I can find!

It is also wise to consider your entire portfolio of debt. If you have credit card debt, you may want to do debt consolidation. My consultation services are free.

Do you want to know 7 Tips To Improve Your Purchasing Affordability? If YES, read the tips here.

It was great working with Steve as a first-time buyer. Steve was recommended to me by my realtor whose previous clients had positive experiences working with him. I found a place and made an offer with a fairly short financing time frame. Steve worked quickly to find the option that worked best for me. He made me feel comfortable throughout the process, checking in frequently and diligently answering all of my questions. I would recommend Steve to friends and family..


Whitby, ON

Having dealt with some pretty poor service from TD with our previous mortgage, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Steve. He keeps you constantly informed through the process, and explains the process so you understand it. We were able to complete this whole process without having to drive somewhere for multiple meetings, everything was done via email or at our house at a time that suited our schedule. Definitely will continue to work with Steve in the future. Thanks!

Sean R.,

Whitby, ON

Mortgage Agent-Home is Home, Steve Tallo

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